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To commemorate the launch of our second album, 'Matter of Time,' we endeavored to recapture the warm and intimate ambiance of our studio recordings. The audience was invited to encircle us, positioned both around and between the four small stages where we performed. Drawing inspiration from Ragnar Kjartansson's video installation, 'The Visitors,' we orchestrated the sound in a quadrophonic arrangement. Each band member's contribution was predominantly channeled through one of the four speakers. This design not only offered a unique concert experience for each audience member based on their specific location within the hall but also enveloped them with the immersive sensation of sound coming from all sides, akin to being embraced by the music itself.


During Le Guess Who? x U? 2022 we collaborated with visual artist Viktoryia Shydlouskaya-Dijk to create an analogue projection on stage.


In 2021 we released our debut album Concrete Pleasures via an online multi-venue interactive video. We performed simultaneously in our seven most beloved venues in Utrecht. Visitors could create their favourite night out while stuck at home due to covid.